Food For Heart

Foods That Help Prevent Heart Problems

The best allies of the heart are all those rich in food fiber , folic acid , folate and vegetable fats , as well as the fats that provide blue fish , since they avoid the increase of bad cholesterol and in turn protect the state of the blood vessels .

food for heart

Olive oil :

Duethe characteristics of its omega 6 fatty acids , olive oil is excellent for health. It is the main component in Mediterranean diets , because it is a healthy condiment and natural replacement of butters and margarines.

According to various studies, monounsaturated fats in olive oil reduces LDL cholesterol levels in the blood (known as bad cholesterol) without lowering HDL (good cholesterol) , and thus helps keep arteries free Of atherosclerotic plaques that prevent correct blood flow.

Aguacate / Avocado:

This fruit, previously thought of as little benefit to health, this twisting his fame to happen to good estimates since it also contains high amount of monounsaturated fats and fatty acids omega – 6 . Like olive oil, this is beneficial for the reduction of LDL levels and maintenance of HDL.

The warning should consider when eating avocados or avocados is its high caloric intake resulted in a content of oil equivalent to 25% of its weight. Therefore, in weight reduction diets, it is convenient not to include this fruit.


The garlic is a food used since biblical times. This is known to act as anti-thrombotic (preventing the formation of clots in blood and improve circulation), as a regulator of blood pressure , helps with reduced levels of lipids in blood and cholesterol in addition to stimulating the body ‘s defenses .


Recent studies have found a component of celery which is responsible for maintaining the proper level of blood pressure, reducing blood concentrations of stress hormones, which are causing narrowing and contraction of blood vessels.

In addition to being one of the favorite vegetables to take care of our line, it has been proven that the daily intake of four stalks of celery reduces cholesterol levels by 14%.

Beans / Beans / Beans:

They are an excellent source of fiber , Diabetics great ally and a great help for the heart. It has been shown that consumption of a cup of beans per day reduces cholesterol levels by 10%, and contributes approximately 10gr of vegetable fibers .

They are also important source of folic acid , this pseudo vitamin controls in our body homocysteine levels in the blood. If homocysteine levels are high they are so harmful to our heart as smoking and worse than the effects of cholesterol. Folic acid together with vitamins B6 and B12 act as a chemical barrier that regulates excess homocysteine in the body.


This common fruit has a soluble fiber in water called pectin, it slows down the risks of suffering some heart – related disease. Likewise, it was found that eating apples reduces to some degree the blood cholesterol index.

On the other hand, in animal studies, it has been observed that diets rich in pectins reduce the narrowing of the arteries produced by cholesterol by half. Other fruits that are rich in soluble fibers are pears, peaches, apricots, quinces and bananas.

Batata (sweet potato or yam), cantaloupe and carrots:

Are food source of beta carotene, very important substance in the fight against cancer and in the prevention of heart attacks, since it helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. Experience indicates that those who consumed more than five servings a week of carrot had a risk of heart attack between 60% and 70% lower than those who consumed only once a month. Also, carrots are attributed to other benefits such as avoiding vision problems and protect the skin from premature aging.


People who eat nuts more than twice a week reduced by 60% the risk of heart disease, this is because 93% of fats it contains are polyunsaturated rich in linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that the body converts in omega – 6 , which prevents clot formation as clogged arteries through both reducing cholesterols HDL and LDL .

Fish Blue:

These are sea fish and deep water. They are very heart healthy due to its high content of omega 3 fatty acids . These fatty acids lower cholesterol levels, help better blood flow and reduce very dense lipoprotein levels in the bloodstream associated with coronary heart disease.

The species that have the highest content of this fatty acid are mackerel, salmon, tuna trout, herring, sardines and hake among others. To maximize the properties of omega 3 it is advisable to cook these foods fast.


One of the most historically grown and consumed fruit. The grapes contain flavonoids, which are antioxidant elements used to fight against cancer, and at the same time effective anticoagulants that allow to prevent a heart attack. To take advantage of the nutritive value of the grapes it is advisable to drink their freshly squeezed juice. In case you eat the fruit, consume its shell.

Table wine:

A glass of wine a day reduces by 40% the risk of a heart attack, all this is due to the ethanol component that increases levels of HDL, good cholesterol, which delays the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. The care must be taken with this, as with all alcoholic beverages is in your calorie intake and other effects .


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